The Invisible Other

by Mario De Vega

Extended listening, invisibility and sculpture are main frameworks for the development of this proposal. The work will be approached as a malware infiltrated in an array of mobile devices dispatched in public space, approaching the context as the frame work of study. In doing so, empowering the value of indetermination, the work is composed by three main areas: a server, an app and a mobile device displayed in public space. The work is accompanied by a video, that serves as documentation and as an audio-visual work itself, wooing the moment in which the device is displayed in public space. The proposal aims to problematise an ongoing issue in our daily commodities provided by mobile telecommunication infrastructures. In doing so, this work is based on a computational engine, coded to provide access to the microphone of a mobile phone, offering the possibility to record with the device through an internet protocol. A guide to reflect on the principles of identity and failure as fundaments in artistic production.

Software development by Iván Abreu
Partners: ACT (Arte Ciencia y Tecnologías, Mexico)

photo by Mario de Vega